5th Anniversary!!

1-3 pm

Saturday 19th September

Memorial Hall, Southwest Highway, Waroona

Those are the details for the fifth anniversary of Really Really Free Market in Waroona. Five years ago a few of us showed up at a park with boxes of stuff and blankets to put them on, and here we are, five whole years later, having managed to put on a market every single month for all of those 5 years. THIS IS AMAZING. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible, and here’s to another five awesome years of community and sharing!

We’ll have a cake, some decorations, free lunch and a whole lot of free stuff, so please come to the RRFM and celebrate with us. You don’t need to bring anything but yourselves, but if you DO happen to have some stuff to give away, feel free. Just remember to please pack up and take home whatever doesn’t find a new home, as our (very few) volunteers have to pack up everything after the market and find somewhere to store it.

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One Response to 5th Anniversary!!

  1. Ken Gower says:

    Can we bring our dog ,and is it an outdoor event ?

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